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Vacuum Pump Controller

Designed to accurately and easily control a vacuum pump.

If you've ever tried to fashion a 'vacuum regulator' from a car vacuum advance unit and a micro switch, you'll know what a challenge it can be to get it tweaked for the desired amount of vacuum - let alone making adjustments later.

The Vacuum Pump Controller is a custom designed Arduino shield. Vacuum level changes are made on-the-fly by turning a knob on the control panel. The vacuum level and other info is displayed on a 2-line LCD screen.

  • Ideal for vacuum bagged wings and other composite parts where precise control of vacuum is required

  • No more crushed foam cores

  • Control vacuum to 1 kPa accuracy (0.01 bar)


Microprocessor controlled (Arduino)
LCD screen for displaying vacuum, menus, etc.
User-selectable units: kPa, bar, psi & Hg (inches Mercury)
Intuitive menus for easy set-up and calibration
Status LED's for Power and Pump
SSR (Solid State Relay) for switching the pump directly
Setttings saved in EEPROM memory between sessions


Vacuum: 0 to -50 kPa (0 to -0.5 bar)
Max. Pump load: 4A 220volt (8A 110volt)
Supply: 220volt AC (or 110volt AC)

Two models available

1. Fully assembled and tested unit
2. Plug-n-Play Kit

Vacuum Pump Controller

Fully assembled and tested
Just connect to your vacuum pump

Not available yet...

Plug-n-Play Kit

No soldering required
Ready for installation into your own enclosure

Not available yet...